Compliant over staffing – Not misusing information

For the last 11 years Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has been working on its new Borough plan. The whole process has been a fiasco and is running EIGHT years late. A sign of how dysfunctional the council has been is the massive staff turnover in Planning policy and economic development

The council has ignored the problems and pretended that Planning policy was evidence based and well managed. To add to its problems the Planning policy and economic development section did 2 restructurings which resulted in more staff leaving the section.  This was obvious from anyone who followed the council. The council has got form – in 2013 it made the award winning town centre manager redundant after the Council leader seemed be upset with him. Given the massive Labour majority it has been impossible to get any debate on these issues.

The council produced a YouTube video which painted a remarkably different view of the situation. NBBC planning policy and economic development was pictured as a wonderfully easy place to work, with film of people working from coffee shops. The public video had unmoderated comments enabled.  I put a one  line comment as a campaigner against the unfair borough plan to make people aware of the high staff turnover and previous restructuring.

Now I have been found guilty by the council’s Kangaroo court of misusing information obtained as a councillor. I did ask what was going on as a councillor but the general information about staff turnover and restructuring was very public. It seems the Managing Director even had his picture taken saying good bye to a key member of staff,

It is also obvious that the council itself has put more details of staff turnover online by answering my question at full council.

The hearing was just a kangaroo court which seems to change the charge after I left!

I have now been sent a formal letter on the 24th August 2017- two years after put a 1 line. comment onto a YouTube video.

The result of this sanction is that it will be more difficult help residents and  to hold the inept council to account.
I am sure that the Labour councillor who companied and three who found me guilt are happy with that.