Why I am not standing in 2024 NBBC elections

It has been a massive honour and privilege to be the Borough Councillor for Weddington for the last 12 years and for 8 of those years the County councillor too. Sadly it has got to the point where the Borough Council politics have become so toxic and the continuous attacks on me in the Borough  Council chamber have become so draining that I need a change. I am not stopping campaigning for the area and challenging those who misuse their power. I have a long list of issues I want to sort out such as fire cuts, flooding, sewage discharges, missing bus stop, lack of cycle routes, opening Weddington entrance to the railway station and improving access to the NHS. Most of these are County Council matters, where things there are more civilised and progress is easier, even as a campaigning  member of the public. I will still be doing weekly walks, runs or cycles around Weddington, still be helping people with advice, monitoring flooding, looking at planning issues and helping with things like litter picks. I also hope the area will continue to have two Green Borough councillors and hopefully I can serve as Weddington County councillor again from May 2025. I am sure those who watch videos of the Borough Council meetings will understand why I need to change roles for a while.

I do hope people in authority will look at the unhealthy way things are run at the Borough Council and that we can have a more productive less hostile council going forwards.

Example video

2024 Feb Council – on of the regular Tromans attacks
2023 council setting almost 20 minutes of attack Keith without right of reply
Talking about the council not able to borrow and build.

When they council would not remove dumped builders bag – no right of reply again
and a video of the builders bag after the meeting
And the aggression when I ask about developments

I will be finding out other clips later and upload background documents
I want people to talk about toxic culture in the Town Hall and in the fake facebook forums such as Nuneaton Community Forum that are used to bully opposition members.