Boundary review – Keith’s proposals

Sadly the wards of Weddington and St Nicolas Wards need to be split into three and a bit new wards due to all the additional population in the North East of Nuneaton.
The Boundary Commission has required that there is a full review of the borough ward boundaries.
My proposals, on behalf of the Green group, attempt to keep all the wards as close to the 2012 arrangements as possible. Two new wards are to be created which I have called Watling and Eastboro. Some other ward boundaries have been tweaked to equalize the size of electorates as much as practical.

I would propose keeping all the existing ward names except Kingswood which I would like to be renamed Stockingford to match the school and the railway station that I am pushing for reopening.

Table 1 Green proposal

difference from ideal


Abbey        6,200 1.47{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 90
Arbury        6,004 -1.73{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -106
Attleborough        5,748 -5.92{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -362
Bar Pool        6,066 -0.72{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -44
Bede        6,404 4.81{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 294
Bulkington        5,668 -7.23{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -442
Camp Hill        6,390 4.58{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 280
Exhall        5,812 -4.88{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -298
Galley Common        6,352 3.96{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 242
Heath        6,198 1.44{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 88
Kingswood or Stockingford        5,986 -2.03{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -124
Poplar        6,383 4.47{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 273
Slough        6,392 4.62{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 282
St. Nicolas        6,384 4.48{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 274
Weddington        5,790 -5.24{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -320
Wem Brook        5,614 -8.12{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -496
Whitestone        6,204 1.54{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 94
Eastboro        6,384 4.48{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} 274
Watling        6,106 -0.07{0497738a11561b3e6cc6c12eeed2d8d724fe7f4da41837441647b60c23491f0e} -4




Always happy to have feedback and the final boundaries will be consulted on by boundary commission in 2023.