New GP Surgery Update

I have had an update on planned new GP provision for Weddington and St Nicolas. However it is suspected that they do not have the staff to open the centre on St Nicolas Park drive yet and no opening date has been given,

here is email from CCG chair,

Dear Cllr Kondakor,

Thank you for your email dated 3 March in relation to the new GP surgery in North Nuneaton.

The CCG is currently focusing on completing building work at St Nicolas clinic and ensuring GP practice launch progresses to plan to enable patients to be registered from April 2022.  Once the practice is open we will then commence work on the on the longer term solution

•       The long term delivery site for the new GP Practice in Weddington is the Church Fields site (off Watitune Avenue, Weddington Lane; nearby postcode CV10 0BF). This site has been confirmed following further assessment of the deliverability risk profile of site options under consideration. (Church Fields site     and Top Farm site)
•       A new GP practice (service) has been commissioned by the CCG and is due to go live from early April 2022, operating from St Nicolas Clinic. Final contract mobilisation work is underway, (go live 1st April, the practice opening date to be confirmed by the provider, expected early April 2022)
•       Once the practice is open we will then commence work on the on the longer term solution.  The CCG is required to follow national business case development processes and the new practice long term site solution will be progressed in line with NHSE guidance (and will cover a review of local health delivery       models, building design, and access arrangements.)  Stakeholder involvement is a key part of the business case process.
•       The future GP practice requirement is dependent on housing build out rates, and additional s106 funding agreements to fund the building delivery (there is a funding dependency on new housing s106 agreements)
•       Based on current population growth forecasts and housing build rates the Church Fields site will need to be operational in 2027 (5 years time). Noting the timeline is subject to change (due to population growth and housing build out rates) the CCG intends to initiate the outline business case process in        2022/23, and a further stakeholder meeting will be scheduled as part of this process.

If you have any further questions, please do to hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards


Dr Sarah Raistrict
NHS Coventry and Warwickshire CCG
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