1st NBBC ‘kangaroo trial’ of 2018

I am expecting to face my next ‘kangaroo Court’ at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council on the 8th January 2018 in the afternoon.

The chances of a fair hearing are looking very poor and I would welcome as much help and support as possible. The following would be very helpful:-

  1. An expert witness who can talk about the health impacts of the Air Pollution in Nuneaton and Bedworth.
  2. Anyone who has been impacted by the air pollution in Nuneaton and Bedworth to provide me with evidence by email or in person.
  3.  Data and evidence about the increase in traffic since 2015.
  4.  Someone with a legal background to give me advice and if possible attend the hearing ( I have been quoted around £4,000 for this!)
  5.  Someone who can film the process up to the point where they tell the public to leave.

I am banned from releasing full details but the main evidence being used against me is the council’s own internal investigation report (issue 6) into changes to the Borough Plan air quality report. I was not invited to provide evidence to the internal investigation. I have only just managed to get a redacted paper copy after months of demanding to see the evidence being used against me.  It is on its 6th issue and two very important bits have been redacted.






and later states:-








You can see that without help the chance of a fair hearing in front of hostile Labour and possibly Tory councillors seems to be zero.