Standing for Parliament

November 16th, 2014

THE GREEN Party has named its parliamentary candidate for Nuneaton in next year’s General Election.


Keith Kondakor, who is the leader of the green groups on both Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough and Warwickshire County Councils, will contest the seat against the current MP Marcus Jones in the May 2015 election.


Keith, who is 49, was born and brought up in Nuneaton. After studying at Birmingham University, he worked in the London area for a few years, where he met his wife, Michele. They moved back to Nuneaton in 1999. He is well known in Nuneaton for his campaigning. This started in 2006 when he defeated possible plans for a mass burn waste incinerator at the Judkins site to the west of Abbey Green. He then took part in fighting Acute Services review at the George Eliot Hospital, which resulted in saving some of the services that were due to be lost. Keith also led a campaign to save off-peak Virgin Train services and is a key member of the local rail user group.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party leader, said: “I congratulate Keith, and look forward to seeing a strong Green showing in Nuneaton next May.

“On my visits to Nuneaton I’ve seen how much his efforts as a councillor are valued, particularly in supporting the economically crucial market and defending and improving Nuneaton’s human and natural environment.

“The future of politics doesn’t look like the past, and with voters looking beyond the three business-as-usual parties, I’d urge them to send Keith to Westminster to help deliver the economic, social, environmental and political transformation this country needs, to make it work for the common good, not just for the few.”


Mr Kondakor said he felt many people in Nuneaton were fed up with the old party politics. “ I am standing at the next election to offer a real alternative who will put the area first”.

“If elected as your MP our local NHS services will be my top priority. I will fight to strengthen the George Eliot Hospital and ensure it has sustainable long term funding. We also have a crisis in Primary care with an increasing GPs shortage that needs to be addressed.”

“Our campaigning funds come from the generosity of local supporters, so if you want to see a real alternative at the next election, please consider making a donation of either time or money. It is important that Nuneaton’s next MP is not indebted to London’s billionaires or union paymasters.”


Keith Kondakor

024 76 344 079

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