Nuneaton Town Centre

November 6th, 2015

Over the last decade town centres have had to struggle to attract visitors. Sadly the leadership at Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council has failed to accept there is a problem and has ignored the decline in Nuneaton and Bedworth Town Centres.


As a borough councillor I have been trying to get action to help the centre since I was elected in 2012. I had a major dispute with the council over its refusal to clear snow from market area in 2013. I have repeatedly proposed measures in the council’s budget to support the town centre all of which have been opposed by the council leader. The November meeting of the Economic and Corporate Overview and Scrutiny was due to discuss empty shops but the chair cancelled the meeting due to an alleged lack of business.


I called my own meeting to break the councils refusal to even talk about Nuneaton town centre. We had around 40 people attend on a dark wet Thursday Night at 5PM. This included 6 councillors, business people, and users of the town centre. This compares to 7-9 committee members who show up for a normal Scrutiny meeting. As I invited the public to this replacement meeting the Managing Director of our council insisted I paid £15/hour for the room!


It was a stunning success with a livery debate/brainstorming about the issues faced by the town centre.
The public was keen on having a 2nd meeting in around a month.


My powerpoint presentation was used to structure the meeting is here.

Rough survey of Closed & open businesses here

Town Centre Footfall NBBC Stats

NBBC car park ticket sales. NBBC stats

Nuneaton Market Stalls  NBBC stats


Please email empty @ if you want details of the next meeting (take out spaces)

Keith Kondakor

November 24th, 2008

My name is Keith Kondakor. I was born in Nuneaton in 1965 and lived here until 1983 and returned in 1999 .

I have been playing with Electronics for most of the last 30 years and was repairing valve televisions as a child in the late1970s! I was educated at St Thomas More School and King Edward VI collage in Nuneaton. I was extremely good at maths & physics and extremely bad at English and languages. I suspect that I am a little dyslexic, but today the spell checker mostly saves me. I have many faults but being over modest is not among them!

I studied electronics at the university of Birmingham and obtained a first class Bachelor of Engineering degree. Until 1999 I lived in Surrey and then West London designing electronics for the Broadcasting and Communications industries. In 1997 I set up my own limited company K Squared Technology Ltd. This has allowed me develop by doing projects for a more varied set of clients both big and small.

Walking in Scotland with My wife Michele

When I returned to live in Nuneaton in 1999 it was to achieve a better quality of life. My wife, Michele and I love walking and had spent a large amount of time in traffic getting to, from and around in London. We are now very active members of the Nuneaton Mountaineering Club and also lead walks for the Nuneaton Rambling Club. Over the last few years we have become very concerned about the Environment and started attending the local Friends of the Earth meetings in Nuneaton.

We are not radical environmentalists but are changing our lives and town slowly. We now have just one car and cycle a lot more. We have also stopped flying having taken surface transport for all our trips since 2006. We buy less food at supermarkets, shopping first at markets and our local farm shop. Much of the time I work from home.

I am now one of the UK’s most sucessful waste campainers having help prevent 5 new waste incinerators.


November 24th, 2008

My connection with incinerators

In 2005 I found out that Warwickshire County Council wanted to build a large waste incinerator and its likely location was in Nuneaton. Over the next year I learned a lot about incinerators and killed off WCC’s plans. In the process I have become a bit of a waste expert and now help groups around England and Wales fight plans for waste incinerators.

The much of this campaigning involves either local Friends of the earth groups or single-issue groups. We now have a newly formed “UK without incineration” ( to network between such campaigns. In 2008 I was awarded an “Earth mover” award by Friends of the Earth in recognition of the help that I provide to uk-win and groups around the country.

I them helped fighting plans for waste burners in



Sherward Forest


Staffordshire (Four Ashes)

Leicestershire (maybe at Barton)

Hull (salt end)


November 24th, 2008

Recent campaigning has been on

  • Preventing loss of 2nd Fire Engine in Nuneaton
  • Waste & recycling
  • protecting out train services
  • keeping our NHS public
  • better public transport & cycle lanes

I am trying to do more when I have time on

  • shopping local
  • cheaper bus fares
  • stop litter
  • energy audits

And I have already been part of

  • stopping a waste incinerator in Nuneaton
  • stopping toxic waste plant at Judkins
  • fighting loss of services at the George Eliot Hospital
  • getting more recycling in Nuneaton
  • getting Nuneaton & Bedworth Borougth council to reduce energy waste
  • fighting cuts to Virgin Trains



November 21st, 2008

This is website is edited by Keith Kondakor, a green activist from Nuneaton. Its contents do not represent the official views of any group. If you wish to discuss the contents feel free to phone keith on 76 344 079 (you will need to add 024 if phoning from outside Nuneaton & Coventry). You can also email keith at (use @ instead of “at“)


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